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Managed Functions


Integration is all about combining systems, apps, and platforms to take your business to the next level. But too often integration projects fail to deliver the business benefits promised. Managed Functions has a highly opinionated method of successfully handling most business system integrations.

Why do so many integration projects fail? It is because a successful integration project needs to combine

  1. good integration software,
  2. business expertise and
  3. long-term support of the integration to handle any changes that occur.

Most integration solutions have either good software platforms or business expertise or long-term support - but not all three. Managed Functions is different in that we provide all three.

We bring together an industry expert and a skilled developer to create a winning team for your integration. And, we don't just leave you hanging after the integration is done. Our support team manages the transactions and is always there to fix any issues that may arise.

By pairing you with an expert in your industry, the Managed Functions platform ensures your integration aligns with your goals and meets the specific needs of your business. Plus, with skilled developers building connections between your systems, integrations are completed efficiently and effectively, often in less than a week and a half!

And, if an issue arises, our support team is there to fix it, ensuring your integration continues to run smoothly. If a change in processes is needed, our industry expert is there to lead the way.

Managed Functions is the complete package for integration success! Get expert industry knowledge, skilled development resources, and ongoing support and management, all in one platform.

How it works

Managed Functions uniquely combines a network of industry experts with a network of skilled developers using a platform that creates robust business system integrations that run natively on your cloud or ours. And we monitor and maintain the integrations ongoing so you don't have to worry about fixing the integrations when, inevitably, one of the systems changes or gets replaced.

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