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Past writing

A selection of my writing over the past few years.

Part 3: InfoQ Low Code Series

12 October 2021

How to Not Lose Your Job to Low-Code Software (opens in a new tab)

Lounging person thinking Undraw

Part 3 of the InfoQ series (opens in a new tab) takes a more personal look at the impact of low code on software engineer jobs. It concludes that, like most types of automation, there will be opportunities created as well as lost and predicts that, for software engineers, the gains will well outpace the losses.

Part 2: InfoQ Low Code Series

1 June 2021

Microsoft's Low-Code Strategy Paints a Target on UIPath and the Other RPA Companies (opens in a new tab)

Slack v Teams

Part 2 of the InfoQ series (opens in a new tab) looks at the different approaches software vendors are taking towards low code. In particular, it looks at how Microsoft's acquisitions over the past 5 years now looks like a stroke of genius.

Part 1: InfoQ Low Code Series

2 February 2021

Low-Code Platforms and the Rise of the Community Developer: Lots of Solutions, or Lots of Problems? (opens in a new tab)

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Part 1 of the InfoQ (opens in a new tab) series explores how the rise of low code solutions is creating an explosion of creativity but also changing the risk landscape of the organisations adopting low code solutions.

Machine Learning for Business

26 December 2019

Machine Learning for Business