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Integration made simple for your customers.

Your customers trust you. They need their systems to work together.
Fill that need and they'll be with you forever.

Everything you need to white-label
integrations for your customers.

We provide the integration platform, connectors, developers trained to use the platform and ongoing monitoring and support.

The platform generates integrations as cloud-native serverless pipelines which are robust, secure and pennies to run.

Who is this for?

Anyone who has trusted clients with integration needs can set up their own white-labelled integration business!


Turn your consulting engagements into recurring revenue.

Many of your consulting reports probably already recommend that your customer better integrate their systems. Now you can deliver that work yourself and set up an ongoing revenue stream.


Get additional revenue from each customer.

You see your customers struggling because their data is not integrated. By serving as their integrator, you can take away their pain and embed your firm in their DNA.

Senior Executives

Turn your experience into a recurring revenue business.

If your are an individuals respected in your industry, you can turn your experience into a great revenue business by offering integration services.

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Loved by businesses worldwide.

At Managed Functions, we care about our partners and their customers and work hard to deliver outstanding results to both.

    • Managed Functions handles all of our integrations for ERP and Finance systems that we haven't built a direct connection to. Having Managed Functions take care of this allows us to deploy faster to new customers and it reduces the burden on our support staff who now only need to understand how our system works rather than every system used by our customers.

      Rich Chala
      Chief Product Officer at Vroozi
    • At The Pharmacy Guild we needed to incrementally migrate our payroll data from one system to another. The Managed Functions team set up two functions that allowed us to do this repetitively over a period of months. Without the managed functions, we would have had to maintain a series of complex spreadsheets which would have been really challenging to get right. We greatly enjoyed working with the Managed Functions team during this project. They are responsive and outcome-focused and work through problems with good humour and innovative approaches.

      Rebecca Smith
      Payroll at Pharmacy Guild of South Australia
    • SURA receives payments on large numbers of policies each day. To allocate payments, our finance staff have to find PDF or Excel remittances emailed to us each day. The format of these remittances varies from agency to agency so it is tough to automate. The Managed Functions team has set up an automated process to extract payment data from PDF and Excel remittances and enter that data into our underwriting systems.

      Andy Pytches
      CFO at SURA
    • At Aquiliti we do a lot of spend categorisation for our clients. Once we categorise products and spend according to a taxonomy that is meaningful to our client we use a managed function to identify similar products to those we've already classified. It's the perfect meld of human expertise and machine automation. The Managed Functions team is approachable, energetic and insightful.

      Matt Dunn
      Director at Aquiliti
    • At optiBPO, our monthly billing cycle was highly manual and taking a significant amount of time to process. This process is now done quickly, automatically and accurately by managed functions. We have enjoyed working with the Managed Functions team in developing these functions. They take a pragmatic and innovative approach to solving problems and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

      Nicola Mace
      Director at OptiBPO
    • At Carnivore Qld we turned to Managed Functions when we were asked to integrate with one of our big customers. The Managed Functions team quickly implemented an electronic invoicing solution that has just worked ever since it was deployed. The team at Managed Functions talked us through exactly what needed to be done and why; and have managed everything since. I wish all of our IT worked the same way.

      Scot Tier
      Director at Carnivore QLD

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we'll get back to you right away.

    • What does a typical project look like?

      In a typicaly project, you would have a customer who needed to integrate two systems. You would create a project in our partner portal and we would assign a developer to the project. We would then create a customer channel to work with you and your customer to build the integration. Typically this takes anywhere from a few days to a week and a half. After approval from the customer we would go live, you would start sending invoices to the customer.

    • How much do your partners charge their customers for each integration?

      There is quite a wide variety of billing models used by our customers. for high value integrations, our partners have charged $25,000 for implementation and $5,000 per month for the integrations. For more repetitive, lower value integration work it may be as little as $1,000 for the integration and $250 per month ongoing.

    • How do you charge your partners?

      We charge our partners a flat monthly fee for access to the platform and an hourly rate for the resources they use. It is not uncommon for a partner to fully cover our fees with a single customer.