Serverless cXML to EDI integration

25 November 2020

Managed Functions releases serverless cXML to EDI integration on-demand. Connect your systems with suppliers or customers regardless of whether they use cXML, EDI or APIs to exchange purchase orders, invoices or shipping notifications.

Automation practice

White-labelled integration-as-a-service for B2B software companies

28 September 2020

B2B SaaS software companies often struggle with integration. It is hard to keep the skilled staff required to do it well and customers are reluctant to pay for something they see as a benefit to the SaaS software company. The Managed Functions white-label / co-branded solution solves this problem for B2B SaaS companies.

Automation marketplace

The awesome list of reporting, AI, machine learning, BPM, low-code, integration and RPA software.

25 August 2020

One of the great ironies of the information age is that, even though computers were invented to help companies automate processes, deciding how to automate your company has never been harder. To help you identify what automation software solutions are available to solve your automation opportunities, we have put together *The awesome list of reporting, AI, machine learning, BPM, low-code, integration and RPA software*

Technical Stuff

What makes Managed Functions different?

24 August 2020

There are lots of automation solutions out there. Why choose Managed Functions? For three reasons. 1) We build and operate the function so you don't have to build an internal team to support automation. 2) Managed Functions are cloud-native serverless functions so they are robust, secure and inexpensive. 3) They can be deployed on our infrastructure or yours so you have the choice of leaving the infrastructure to us or being totally in control of the application and your data.

Automation practice

The most common automation opportunity pattern.

21 July 2020

Automation works when people talk to people about people things; and machines talk to machines about machine things. But how do you know which things people should do and what things machines should do? This article, using examples from the insurance industry, shows you the most common pattern that indicates you have an opportunity to automate.