At Managed Functions, we believe that work (both our work and the work performed by our customers) should be as automated and enjoyable as possible. We love the feeling of automatically deploying a robust application and believe our customers should feel the same way about the work they do. Instead of facing the drudgery of moving data from one system to another they should be able to open up their applications and have everything ready for them to do their jobs.

In order to do this as well as possible, we spend a lot of time thinking about integration, automation and how to improve business processes. And as part of this, we contribute articles to business publications; and cash and code to open source projects.

This page gathers together a lot of our thinking in one place.

And, if you're as keen as we are on making our customer's work-lives as smooth as possible, we may have a spot for you on our team. You can see job openings at the bottom of this page.


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InfoQ Low Code Series - 12 October 2021

How to Not Lose Your Job to Low-Code Software

Part 3 of the InfoQ series takes a more personal look at the impact of low code on software engineer jobs. It concludes that, like most types of automation, there will be opportunities created as well as lost and predicts that, for software engineers, the gains will well outpace the losses.

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InfoQ Low Code Series - 1 June 2021

Microsoft's Low-Code Strategy Paints a Target on UIPath and the Other RPA Companies

Part 2 of the InfoQ series looks at the different approaches software vendors are taking towards low code. In particular, it looks at how Microsoft's acquisitions over the past 5 years now looks like a stroke of genius.

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InfoQ Low Code Series - 2 February 2021

Low-Code Platforms and the Rise of the Community Developer: Lots of Solutions, or Lots of Problems?

Part 1 of the InfoQ series explores how the rise of low code solutions is creating an explosion of creativity but also changing the risk landscape of the organisations adopting low code solutions.

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Manning Publications - 26 December 2019

Machine Learning for Business

How to use AWS Sagemaker and Jupyter notebooks to solve real-worl business problems. (note that the code in the book is for an earlier version of Sagemaker)

We're hiring

  • B2B SaaS Sales Executive

    Love SaaS and want to see SaaS companies be able to onboard new clients in record time. Chat with us below.

  • Senior Python Developer

    Our stack is mostly Python. If you feel a rush of joy every time you automate the deployment of Python code to AWS, Azure or Google, chat with us.

  • Junior Python Developer

    Our support work is almost entirely done in Jupyter Notebooks. If you know a bit of Python and want to learn by being exposed to good code, chat with us.

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